RAPIDTAG is a world leader in innovation and quality in the printing of textile promotional products.  OUR patented and highly regarded LP1 has revolutionized the industry with its leading edge technological advances. The company strives for on-time performance, service and quality. And we listen to our customers and work hard to deliver flawlessly and dependably. ASPE is the destination of choice for any business that needs quality, dependability and innovative new products that exceed their expectations.

Rapidtag manufactures models for printing on various substrates and for various end applications. 

  • athletic-wear
  • bags
  • beverage-insulators
  • caps
  • frisbees
  • hand-gloves
  • hoodies
  • leather
  • napkins
  • notebooks
  • socks
  • t-shirts
  • undergarments

The RapidTag is a high speed automatic screen printer that specializes in printing smaller images for promotional products and garments. 

This system allows any shop to quickly and cost-effectively re label garments and promotional products like never before, performing all necessary steps on-board so there is no need for additional equipment (such as a device for curing, etc). Rather than stopping or slowing down production on  screen printing equipment, you can now print all your labels (and for that matter, sleeve prints, on-the-pocket prints, nape of neck prints, bags, socks, gloves, napkins, can coolers, wristbands, etc. ) on a small, highly efficient setup that won’t interfere with any of your existing set up. 

LP1 - Small Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Originally designed for printing tagless garment labels, the LP1 (as well as the rest of our products) has adapted itself to printing promotional products and other odd shaped products / components.

LP2 - 2 Color Automatic Screen Printer

LP2 allows you to print two colors designs without being too bulky or costly. As with all multi-head machines, you are able to offer your customers specialty printing applications such as high density or under-basing for darker garments.

LP3 - 3 Color Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Multi-headed machine for three color printing, normally used for printing on tote bags or sleeve prints. With the ability to printing specialty applications such as high density or under-basing for darker garments.

LP4 - 4 Color Screen Printing Press

Allowing printing for four color images, the LP4 is our most powerful model. Most popularly used for napkin printing, it's also perfect for sleeve prints and any design that needs an little extra.

LP2XL - 2 Color Large Print

The LP2XL was originally designed for screen printing on promotional tote bags. It offers the lowest cost per print along with the highest  out put. 

Customization Opportunities

These custom machines are modified for your specific application. Our  representative  can guide you  and  help us build up a machine with speed and quality.