Model - SPS- VITESSA XP -high speed stop cylinder press 

ATMA is a world leader in the manufacture of Screen printing equipment,and pre press machinery. Its products are sold world wide and are considered to be the finest in the industry. Its high end printers are commonly used for manufacture of solar cells, touch panels, auto dials, medical applications, etc..


The SPS Brand is known the world over for its quality, high precision printing, robust design , and long term durability. The Brand has been in existence for over 50 years and has been a leader in the market for quality printing. The European Central Bank prints its currency notes on the SPS printers, which shows the reliability of the printer for high volume printing.

SPS in India.

SPS printers have been IN USE FOR MANY YEARS in India. Leading printers been using these machines for many years with great success. With Atma now., manufacturing these printers, in their own facilities, there have been many new features added to the standard configuration. Safety, and perfect registration of print has been the focus, and the operator convenience has been enhanced.

The printers are supplied with specialized dryers for specific applications, and processes like Uv /Air Force and IR have been designed for use in industry.

With the new generation of printers and driers, Atma has been successful with many installations in Europe, China and the USA. The efficiency of these German designed presses will add value to your print capabilities and with increased productivity, higher print outputs will be possible at vastly increased speeds.

The two main stop cylinder press models are:

SPS - Vitessa XP

Unrivaled solid construction, ease of operation and immediate return on investment have made the SPS® VITESSA screen printing machines the top-selling

STOP cylinder presses in the world. Based on the Original SPS® STOP Cylinder Principle™ , the SPS® VITESSA XP combines this sound tradition with advanced operator comfort and highest running speed.

SPS - Vitessa SL

The SPS® VITESSA SL is engineered to meet even the highest standards within the modern precision screen printing industry. The solid top frame can be extended on four posts, thus allowing direct access to the sheet stream without obstruction - Short setup times and high ease of operation combined with best reproducibility.  

Adjustments within the sheet transport and alignment system even corrections during the run become a matter of seconds with one the TOP FRAME UP.