StencilMaster Computer-to-Screen (CtS) Exposure System

SignTronic has been developing advanced technological equipment for the signs and screenprinting industry since 1980. Today, the company is focused on prepress technology for screenprinting and offsetprinting. SignTronic AG designs and manufactures the StencilMaster systems in Switzerland, an area which is known the world over for high quality, precision and efficiency in the production of mechanics, electronics and optics.

SignTronic AG has been at the forefront of the industry for more than 20 years, with innovative and highly advanced technological solutions.

SignTronic AG is proud to present the world's first fully automated in-line screen prepress with direct digital UV exposure. Not only will you save costly films, time and money - the SignTronic AG StencilMaster is set to revolutionise your prepress. With the SignTronic AG StencilMaster, your prepress will no longer be the bottleneck in production capacity and image quality

The SignTronic AG StencilMaster 1621 exposes screens digitally to UV light at a production speed up to 26 m² (280 sq. ft.) per hour on the standard emulsions available today. The StencilMaster is constructed for the fully automated vertical in-line production of frames up to 2300 x 2700 mm (90"x 106") with an image size of 1600 x 2100 mm (63" x 83").
The new StencilMaster 4136 with a frame size of 4600 x 3800 mm.1270 dpi high speed exposure on standard emulsions, no change of emulsion necessary as with other spraying or laser systems. No need of expensive special emulsions, no Smaller StencilMasters available on demand.

Smaller StencilMasters available on demand.



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