Pneumatic Screen Stretching Set - A 211

  • Clamp widths available 25/15cm, with speed - adjustment for synchronised movement.
  • Control set consists of a switch, a pressure adjustment & a manifold with hoses. With purchases of 16 units or more you get 1 control unit free.

Pneumatic Screen Stretcher - A 212 series

  • Table type with 5, 25cm wide stretching units on 4 sides.
  • With motor-driven frame-lift table in center to lift frames towards the screen for applying the adhesive.
  • Pneumatic/ electric controls integrated on table.

Mechanical Screen Stretcher - TY - MS series

  • Framework type, can be reassembled to various sizes.
  • 4 side-frames installed of 12 cm wide clamp. All on same side and synchronised for stretching.
  • With air-driven frame-lift device in centre to lift frames toward screen for applying the adhesive.


Digital Automatic Screen Coater

For coating photo - sensitive emulsion onto stretched screens.

  • Motor driven coating for even deposit.
  • Handy foot-switch for frame holding/release. Single/ Double-sided coating in various modes.
  • Coating time & pressure individually settable for each side.
  • Capable of storing 100 settings.

Ink Mixer

  • Sealed shaking concept.
  • Handy fast ink can holding
  • Closed chamber with full safely protection.
  • 7V type with vacuum to remove air bubbles.

UV Exposure Box

  • Strong metal halide UV lamp for sharp exposure.
  • CPU light integrator for accurate output.
  • Vacuum blanket for secure fixing of frame+film.
  • Box type to isolate UV light for safety.

Horizontal Screen Dryers

A 541 (53) series

  • 5 horizontal drawers
  • Temperature & time settings.

Vertical Screen Dryers

A 542 (53S) series

  • 10 vertical rocks.
  • Temperature & time settings.

Tension Gauge

A 711

  • Nm dial display
  • Measures in 0/45/90° angle
  • With storage box & datum plate.
  • Made in Japan.

Thickness Gauge

A 721

  • Nm dial display.
  • Measures in 0/45/90° angle
  • With storage box & datum plate
  • Made in Japan.


Pneumatic Screen Stretcher
Coating Machine
UV Exposure Box
Vertical Screen Dryer
Tension Guage