Sunstar Graphics Pvt Ltd is India’s leading Company for the supply of high quality products with the latest features in screen printing machinery and digital printing machinery and consumables. We focus first on the demands of recent technological developments in industrial screen printing and we have selected both, machines that are required for top quality and the right brands from the world’s leading Companies to bring to our customers the best in class products backed with top class service and support. 

High end products like solar cells, touch panels for mobile phones, biomedical devices, industrial glass products, auto dials, membranes, multilayer circuit boards, etc are some of the products that are manufactured with our machines.

We now offer high speed SPS cylinder presses capable of printing automobiles, decals, transfers and you can also print currency notes on these presses.

Designed by German engineers, these cylinder presses have many useful features not found in competing brands.  

The prepress offer from Grunig – Switzerland offers many modular solutions that can be integrated into completely automated inline systems for all pre press requirements.

We offer highly sophisticated equipment for stretching, coating & developing, etc of screens to give you that high quality stencil for precision printing.

The Signtronic CTS system is the best in class and this technology will soon be introduced in many of the leading print houses because of the value it provides and the speed and accuracy of screen processing, thereby eliminating the old process of using films.

The Anajet DTG printers are the best in class, and come in three models, the fastest being printing of 1 t-shirt in 20 seconds. Sunstar has now added Anajet range of products to its portfolio. To support the DTG printers, we now offer the GCC plotters and Chemica transfer products along with the Galaxy range of heat presses. 

Recently the Rapidtag screen printing machines for printing of tagless labels and other products have been added to our range of products. The Azon UV digital printer can be used to print on a variety of substrates like glass, ceramic tiles, metal, wood, leather, etc. 

We provide technical services to support our customers which include installations, maintenance, service and repairs.

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